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Ranking System
01-15:   Slave
16-30:   Scrapper
31-45:   Militant
46-60:   Pit Fighter
61-70:   Arena Warrior
71-80:   Gladiator
Raiders: Champion
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Hello, and welcome to Blood and Sand!  We hope you will find this guild to be unlike anything you have been in before.  There are great plans in motion.

I would like to take the time to let you know that this guild was created by and for players with families.  We love our spouses, most of them play right along with us.  We love our children and our lives; however, they come first and foremost.

Once we gain enough members and levels we plan on participating in the end game content of WOW.  Bare in mind that raids, dungeons, and all other guild activities will be scheduled around our real lives.  Most of which will take place in the evening hours.

If anyone has issues with this, we understand.  If you choose to leave Blood and Sand over this then we wish you well and hope to see you playing in the future.  But for now we are happy you are all here.

Lets all play, have fun, and kick some horde ass!!

Sincerely,      Alerianna, Your Dommina

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Drenden (PvE)
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